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The Best Way to Trim Your Toenails Did you just poke a hole in someone with those sharp, talon-like toenails? They’re probably getting a little too long, aren’t they? Well, now is the perfect time for a little personal grooming!Trimming your toenails may seem like a simple task, but it’s not something that should be done carelessly. Most of us may not need...

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Why Are Warts So Tough To Kill? You may find yourself asking this question if you are under treatment for a wart. A wart is a skin lesion or spot on the foot that may appear as a callous with brown/black speckles. When warts present on the feet, they are normally found on the bottom surface, which they are then known as plantar’s...
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Medical Myth Buster: Hydrogen Peroxide and Wounds    One of moms favorite old remedies for an injury was placing hydrogen peroxide on a wound. When you see the bubble effect it means its working and you know the area is nice and clean. An increasing amount of evidence in the scientific community suggests that this may not be the best choice.    Hydrogen...

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If Your Shoes Were A... Part 1: Athletic Shoes Dr. Libby Putnam has written a 10 part blog series comparing the most popular shoe types to three different things, an ice cream flavor, a Disney movie, and a member of the animal kingdom. So without further ado, we present the first entry: Athletic Shoes. Athletic Shoes Everybody should have a decent pair of athletic shoes....

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Bad Sandals Can Ruin Summer Fun Who is excited about this warmer weather? I know I am. If you’re anything like me, donning a breezy pair of sandals seems like just the thing when heading to the beach or enjoying some fresh air on a warm day. While bearing those toes can seem like a great idea during these warm months, we...

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To Soak Or Not To Soak    One of the most common questions we as podiatrists get on a daily basis, is whether or not it is good to soak the foot for their condition. If soaking is good, what do I use and how do I go about doing it? Some patients are under the impression that soaking the foot is...
Taking Care of Your Feet During Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Patrick’s Day (also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick) is a cultural and religious celebration that takes place every year on March 17, commemorating the most widely-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Today, Saint Patrick’s Day is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the United States, primarily as a recognition of Irish and Irish...
Medical Myth Buster - Vaseline is Good for The Feet    One of the most common questions from patients we deal with on an everyday basis is "What's good to put on my dry feet?" Many patients swear that rubbing vaseline on their feet is the best option. Vaseline was created to be a skin protectant. This means it was designed  to protect skin in areas...

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Life From The Feet Up: Episode 1 feat. Demon Thompson, CPED Life From The Feet Up is a new podcast brought to you by Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists. The first episode features Demon Thompson, Certified Pedorthist at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists. He discusses the importance of foot health, and it's connection to overall body health. Click below to listen.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO...

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Break Out from Ingrown Toenails             I've lost count how many times I accidentally stubbed my toe against something that’s fairly easy to spot, especially during running. Perhaps it’s my innate klutz, but sometimes I think I just have the worst luck. I resolved myself into getting used to the occasional bumps, and I was doing pretty well, until one time...

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