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The Key to the Foundation of Your Body Custom made foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts which can help reduce, or even eliminate, the pain associated with a multitude of problems of the foot and ankle. They function by creating better alignment of the joints of the foot, thus decreasing fatigue and increasing the efficiency of how we walk and function.  The majority...

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Stress Fractures: the Mystery Injury Stress Fractures: Stress fractures can be a difficult thing to diagnose, but they're generally a very easy thing to treat. Many active patients come in with pain, most often in the front part of their foot, swollen, and completely flummoxed about the source of this new pain, since they don't recall any injury to the area.   Stress...

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Suffering from Athletes Foot?     Athletes foot is a common problem caused by a fungus infection of the skin. The name tends to be a source of confusion, it's not just athletes and weekend warriors who get athletes foot. The foot is at high risk for fungus infections; wearing socks and shoes tends to create a dark, moist, warm environment...
Comfort Food, Weight Gain, and Biomechanical Pasta! With all the millions of delicious recipes out there and yummy comfort foods, it is so easy to carry around a few extra pounds, especially during the rainy season in the low country. The bad news is that the extra poundage can exacerbate or lead to painful medical conditions. The extra lbs will cause one to...

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The Shortcut to Great Feet             Let's face it, we all need more time. Life is busy and we take up so many hours in the day that we all look for shortcuts. Whether it be a faster route to work, a shorter line at the grocery store, or a new diet to lose weight fast; Americans love their shortcuts.            ...

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Is it Really a Wart? A good portion of the patients who come to me complaining of warts don't actually have them. A very common type of callus looks very similar to a wart, and often times it takes a podiatrist to tell you which one you have after trimming away some of the overlying tissue.  Warts are caused by a...
Top Foot Faults  on St. Patty’s Day It’s that time of year again, the Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade is right around the corner. Years of experience have taught the doctors and staff that there are just certain types of foot injuries that seem to occur on St. Patrick's day, and no, they are not all caused by too much green beer! Be...

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Ouch!!! “My toes hurt when I wear dress or high heeled shoes.” This is one of the most common complaints heard in our office, and if you fit this description the diagnosis is most likely a hammertoe. A hammertoe is a permanent curvature or bend to the joints of the toes, most commonly seen in the second,...

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So What is a Podiatrist? Podiatry is a corner of medicine that most people don’t know much about. Even patients who have been seeing a podiatrist for years often don’t know the entire scope of the profession. A podiatrist (or DPM--Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) is a doctor who treats ailments of the foot and ankle. Schooling is similar to traditional medical...

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Are My Shoes Supportive Enough? Many of my patients claim their shoes are comfortable, but in the same breath they tell me their feet hurt. If your feet hurt, your shoes can't possibly be doing the best job! The best way to check to see if your shoes are supportive enough is to put the shoe through these three tests. Check...

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