If Your Shoes Were A... Part 1: Athletic Shoes

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Dr. Libby Putnam has written a 10 part blog series comparing the most popular shoe types to three different things, an ice cream flavor, a Disney movie, and a member of the animal kingdom. So without further ado, we present the first entry: Athletic Shoes.

Athletic Shoes

athletic shoes

Everybody should have a decent pair of athletic shoes. Notice I didn't say "running shoe"; I'm not saying everyone needs to take up jogging. I'm talking about the go-to athletic-style shoe you can pull out of your closet when you know you're going on a walking tour of New York City. When you're planning to take your Aunt shopping for a new chair, and you know she wants to go to every furniture store and warehouse within 75 miles. When you know you’re going to be on your feet all day, and comfort and support is going to be the name of the game.

 The chocolate chip ice cream of shoes. It’s comfortable, it’s not fancy, but everybody likes it. Some people prefer their chocolate chips as tiny shavings, and others would rather there be massive hunks of it in each mouthful, but chocolate chip ice cream is generally a crowd-pleaser. There are definitely some athletic shoes that are built for speed, and others are almost trail shoes, but whatever type you prefer, they’re a great staple to have.

 The Aladdin of shoes. The plot is pretty simple, but fun. It’s one of the new classics! The jokes are easily accessible to all ages and genders, and it’s colorful! Athletic shoes are gender-neutral, and are some of the first shoes kids get when they start to walk. They’re good for everybody! And talk about colorful…!

 The big cat of shoes. The lion. The tiger. The Puma (too on-the-nose?). There’s power and stability behind this shoe, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have grace. Finding an athletic shoe that’s just right for you is a bit of an art form, so make sure you take your time. Stalk your prey in a few different stores before you make your selection, especially if you’re going to be using it for actual athletics.

 All analogies aside: a basic pair of well-fitting athletic shoes is an important staple in anyone’s closet.



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