Is the best way to treat a ganglion cyst (also know as a bible cyst) to just smash it? Well, no...
Ganglion cyst on the foot.Recently I had a patient come into my office complaining of a painful mass on his right foot.  After further work-up it was discovered to be a ganglion cyst.  The patient asked me can he just smash it with a bible or a book.  He explained to me that he heard that this was the way cyst were treated in the past.
I must admit, the question caught me off guard.  I then explained to the patient that I don't suggest smashing with a bible or anything else for that matter.  I discussed with him the different treatment options and after educating the patient on ganglion cyst, we decided on a proper treatment plan.

A ganglion cyst or "bible cyst" is a benign mass that is found coming from a joint or coming off of a tendon.  It is most commonly found on the wrist. Inside of a cyst is a thick, clear, jelly-like substance.  The term "bible cyst" comes from a common urban legend that treatment in the past consisted of hitting the cyst with a bible or another large book. I guess you learn something new everyday.