Dr. Kristian Jeffress is one crafty lady. Even the most tenacious shoe won't slow her down.

Our diminutive foot doc.
Kristian Jeffress DPM

As an adult with smaller feet I tend to buy shoes that are for kids. For example, I recently bought a pair of pink and black Nike’s from a local shoe store. As I wore them they were very comfortable except for the right shoe. It was pinching my foot as my great toe pushed off the ground when walking. I was sincerely perplexed and as frugal as I tend to be, I refused to return the shoe. Plus, the shoes are so cute! At any rate, I decided to fix the problems if it was the last thing I did. So, I fashioned a piece of adhesive felt to the underside where the shoe was bending and hurting my foot and as Emeril would say “BAM”! My pain is resolved. How about that! I now crown myself the “MacGyver of the Foot”!