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Lookout Savannah, Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists has done it again! In our quest to continually utilize the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology, we are proud to intro0duce the Q-Clear Laser Nail Treatment.

This laser is a great option for those suffering from several foot problems, primarily fungal toenails, also know as Ugly Nail Syndrome! Ugly Nail Syndrome( or onychomycosisis to us Podiatrist types) is easy to spot. It can appear as yellowing, thickening, or even brittle nails. While it will usually start with just one toenail, this fungal infection can spread rapidly, especially in the ideal warm, dark inside of shoes. It is usually contracted in warm wet environments, like the gym locker room, pool area, or even unsterilized pedicure spas.

Living in the South, we are blessed with beautiful warm weather, which lends itself to an extra long "sandal season". With all of this extra time to have your toes exposed, it's important that they look there best. Until now there has only been two good options for treating Ugly Nail Syndrome.
Nail fungus can be viscous!

The first was to paint your nails with an anti-fungal nail polish every day, for up to six months! As if that wasn't bad enough, more resistant fungal infections could show little to no improvement with this method. Let's face it, nail fungus can be just plain tough.

The second solution was to take an oral medication that would need to be prescribed by your doctor. While moderately effective, the problem with this solution is that these oral medications can potentially have damaging effects on the rest of the body, primarily the liver. You'll find very few folks who will risk the health of their liver for their toes.

This is where the Q-Clear Laser Nail Treatment comes in. The specific wave length of the laser targets and destroys only the fungal cells, passing right through healthy cells, allowing it to penetrate deep into the nail-bed. What does this mean to those afflicted with Ugly Nail Syndrome? It means there is finally an effective, safe solution, that only requires one or two treatments (usually one).

So what exactly can sufferers of Ugly Nail Syndrome expect when getting a laser nail treatment?

Your toenails will be cleaned and filed prior to laser treatment. As each toe is treated with the laser you will feel a mild warm sensation. Laser treatment will take less than 10 minutes to treat both feet and there is no discomfort after treatment.
You will notice results within two to four months, depending on how quickly your nails grow. New clear growth will appear at the base of the nail as the fungal portion grows out.

The best part? You can continue your normal daily routines immediately after your treatment, including painting your nails and enjoying pedicures (just make sure to stay away from those spa jets, after all, that may be how you got Ugly Nail Syndrome in the first place).


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