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We now offer Physical Therapy!  What does this mean for you? With a goal of getting people back to their optimal health, a Physical Therapists combines research with clinical technique.  A Physical Therapist has the skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, prevent, and treat the conditions that are hindering your body from moving and functioning properly.  A practicing physical therapist has passed a national board exam, holds...
Harrison Ford Puts a Twist on New Star Wars Movie  UPDATE: "Breaking news! (Foot pun intended.) Harrison Ford apparently broke his leg when he fell! Good thing he got checked out by a doctor, and didn't just assume it was a sprain. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery!" -Dr. Putnam Harrison Ford was injured on the set of the new Star Wars movie this...

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Why Are My Ankles So Weak? Are you scared to do any athletic activity because your ankles are so weak that you sprain them each and every time? Well, we have a couple of options to help you get back to your favorite sports!   There are multiples causes of weak ankles. Ligamentous laxity is one of them: ligaments are the structures...

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How to Make the Best Shoe Comfortable A lot of my patients complain about their shoes being too heavy, and causing pain across the top of their arch. When I recommend a solid, supportive athletic shoe, they claim they can't wear them because of the discomfort they cause. Most of these people have a decently high arch with a bony bump on...

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