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Posted by on in Healthy tips for your feet
Power Drilling Your Toenails? I've seen a lot of sketchy DIY articles online over the years relating to self-administered health care, but I stumbled on one this morning that really scared me. The topic was black nails--the kind you get secondary to trauma, from a hematoma (blood blister) that builds up under the nail. It can cause pressure, and...

Posted by on in Diabetic foot care
Have you ever wondered why do some people's feet smell? Have you ever wondered how you can take care of your smelly feet? Well lucky for you, as a foot doctor I have an answer to both questions.

Posted by on in Sports and injuries
Proper foot and nail care are vital in getting your feet healthy for the summer. When cutting your toe nails, cut straight across to avoid in-grown toe nails. Do not cut in the corners.For dryness around the heel, after your shower or foot soak, use a pumice stone or foot file. Make sure your tools are...

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