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Use Custom Orthotics and Braces to Prevent Falls September is Fall Prevention Awareness Month, and one of the best ways to improve balance and prevent falls is with custom orthotic shoe inserts and braces that can also help with many other foot and ankle problems. Improper arch support and pronation problems can be corrected along with corresponding knee, hip, and back pain. Expertly made...
What is the Best Indoor Footwear During Quarantine? Choosing the right footwear while cooped up at home during quarantine is essential for the health of your feet and ankles. While it may be tempting to walk around barefoot, doing so for extended periods can cause your arches to weaken and even collapse. Weak and fallen arches will not only contribute to bunion and hammertoe...

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One of the more common foot ailments is something called a bunion. What is a bunion? A bunion is a painful bony bump on the inside of your foot usually located near the base of your big toe. Another name for a bunion is a hallux vulgus. Bunions can be caused by: Narrow or tight-fitting shoes...
Severe Post Bunion Surgery Pain? True or False!   True or False: My Feet Will Hurt So Much After Bunion Surgery! Most patients are pleasantly surprised that the pain they experience after bunion surgery is not nearly as severe as they were lead to believe it may be by family members or friends.  The pain experienced after the surgery can be minimized by following...

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