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Posted by on in Diabetic foot care
Essential Diabetic Foot Care November is American Diabetes Month and a time when we pay particular attention to the explosive growth of diabetes and the major foot complications that can plague sufferers. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause foot numbness so that cuts and other foot damage goes undetected until the problem has worsened. A diabetic foot ulcer can lead...
Smoking and Plantar Callus Formation  We are well aware that calluses on the bottom surface of the foot, which are also termed plantar calluses, can become painfully thickened areas of hard skin. This increased pressure on the sole of the foot can sometimes lead to burning pain, especially at the ball of the foot. On a more dangerous scale, these calluses...

Posted by on in Common Foot Disorders
Is it Really a Wart? A good portion of the patients who come to me complaining of warts don't actually have them. A very common type of callus looks very similar to a wart, and often times it takes a podiatrist to tell you which one you have after trimming away some of the overlying tissue.  Warts are caused by a...

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