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Posted by on in Diabetic foot care
Essential Diabetic Foot Care November is American Diabetes Month and a time when we pay particular attention to the explosive growth of diabetes and the major foot complications that can plague sufferers. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause foot numbness so that cuts and other foot damage goes undetected until the problem has worsened. A diabetic foot ulcer can lead...

Posted by on in Physical Therapy
Diabetes and Exercise Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin.   We use insulin to convert sugar, starches, and other food into the energy necessary for our daily life.  While the cause of diabetes is unknown, factors such as obesity and lack of exercise play important roles. The primary interventions to treat...

Posted by on in Infographics
Diabetes By The Numbers In observance of National Diabetes Awareness Month we've put together some real eye opening numbers. ...
Medical Myth Buster: Hydrogen Peroxide and Wounds    One of moms favorite old remedies for an injury was placing hydrogen peroxide on a wound. When you see the bubble effect it means its working and you know the area is nice and clean. An increasing amount of evidence in the scientific community suggests that this may not be the best choice.    Hydrogen...

Posted by on in Common Foot Disorders
Ulcers   An ulcer is an opening in the skin; it is also known or described as a non-healing wound. There are three main types of ulcers that we see on the foot: 1) ischemic or arterial ulcers, 2) stasis or venous ulcers, and 3) neurotropic or diabetic ulcers. Ischemic ulcers: are wounds caused by an impaired...

Posted by on in Common Foot Disorders
P.A.D. Do you suffer from muscle cramps in your legs and feet that limit your ability to walk or cramps at night that wake you from sleep?  Do your legs feel heavy, tired or achy when walking? If these symptoms sound familiar you may be suffering from a common problem known as peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.  If you are experiencing...

Posted by on in Common Foot Disorders
Burning! Tingling! Numbness?! Burning! Tingling! Numbness! Warning: treat your body like a temple, not a woodshed.  Remember: YOU are the most important asset you have; treat yourself accordingly.   In the early stages of diabetes, when patients feel fine, they don’t often make huge strides to prevent possible complications of diabetes. Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a...

Posted by on in Healthy tips for your feet
Smoking is dangerous for your feet! We all know smoking is dangerous for your lungs and heart, but did you know that smoking can also be dangerous for your feet? Sometimes a doctor can simply look at a patient’s feet and tell if they smoke. A smoker’s skin usually tends to be thinner and reddish in color. Your feet are furthest...
A cautionary tale for diabetics and the care of their feet.

Posted by on in Charity Events
Atlantic Foot & Ankle is attending the ADA Sunsplash Outdoor Fitness Festival at the UGA Marine Extension Aquarium on Skidaway Island, Saturday Sept. 25th.

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