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Why Is “The Gout” So Funny? We don’t often find ourselves chuckling at infections, heart disease, or other illnesses that can affect us. But gout? This excruciating condition has been at the center of jokes of cartoonists and comedians for centuries. The reason why gout is sometimes depicted as humorous lies in its causes. It is known to be a disease of...
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Posted by on in Medical Myths
Cabbage Not Just for Cole Slaw? One of my mom’s favorite remedies for ankle sprains was to wrap cabbage around the ankle joint for an hour or more to help decrease inflammation.  This would often be repeated for a second time later in the day.  However, what does literature say about this natural home remedy? Interestingly enough, cabbage has been used in...
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Best Nutrition for Marathon Running! Nutrition is critical while training for a marathon or half marathon. The key food group for runners is CARBS. Carbs provide your fuel and you need to make sure your body is taking in enough carbs. Men and women need to consume 2000-2500 calories each day. While training, you will need to add 100 calories...

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