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Muscle Cramps In Swimmers The  Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have just completed.  It was a great celebration. 16 days of multiple sports and exciting events. During the games many athletes developed several injuries, some which were devastating. I have been swimming most of life and over the years I developed some injuries. A common injury is cramps of...

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How to Prevent Blisters Blisters are due to repeated friction, heat, or excessive moisture that can create a superficial sore just beneath the skin. When the foot rubs against your socks or shoes, the friction created can cause excessive fluid build-up within the upper layers of skin.  It is important to keep your feet well hydrated but not overly hydrated. ...
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Medical Myth Buster: Onion in the Sock The internet has become a valuable resource for medical information for patients. There are several reputable web sites managed by doctors and other medical specialists, such as Webmd, that provide patients with free access to information about a wide variety of medical conditions. The internet can unfortunately also be a source of potentially harmful misinformation and...
We now offer Physical Therapy!  What does this mean for you? With a goal of getting people back to their optimal health, a Physical Therapists combines research with clinical technique.  A Physical Therapist has the skills and knowledge to examine, diagnose, prevent, and treat the conditions that are hindering your body from moving and functioning properly.  A practicing physical therapist has passed a national board exam, holds...

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Adult Acquired Flatfoot The majority of people will experience a flattening of the arch of the feet as we age. This is a natural part of the aging process for most, as the years of abuse we put on our feet causes weakening of the soft tissue structures that support the arch of the foot and gravity dictates that...

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Fallen Arches If you are like most people, you will eventually begin to notice that the shape and structure of your foot tends to change over the course of time. This is usually a simple consequence of aging, as gravity and years of abuse tend to cause our feet to get flatter as we get older. The soft...
Smoking and Plantar Callus Formation  We are well aware that calluses on the bottom surface of the foot, which are also termed plantar calluses, can become painfully thickened areas of hard skin. This increased pressure on the sole of the foot can sometimes lead to burning pain, especially at the ball of the foot. On a more dangerous scale, these calluses...

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The Key to the Foundation of Your Body Custom made foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts which can help reduce, or even eliminate, the pain associated with a multitude of problems of the foot and ankle. They function by creating better alignment of the joints of the foot, thus decreasing fatigue and increasing the efficiency of how we walk and function.  The majority...

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Suffering from Athletes Foot?     Athletes foot is a common problem caused by a fungus infection of the skin. The name tends to be a source of confusion, it's not just athletes and weekend warriors who get athletes foot. The foot is at high risk for fungus infections; wearing socks and shoes tends to create a dark, moist, warm environment...

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The Shortcut to Great Feet             Let's face it, we all need more time. Life is busy and we take up so many hours in the day that we all look for shortcuts. Whether it be a faster route to work, a shorter line at the grocery store, or a new diet to lose weight fast; Americans love their shortcuts.            ...

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