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This fun bun-ion quiz has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood podiatrist, Dr. Kristian Jeffress, DPM. 1.  What is a bunion?   A bunion is an enlargement of the of the bone and soft tissue surrounding the big toe. This makes your foot look like you have a bump on the inside of the...
My feet hurt. I’ve been wearing flip flops for years. How can that be the problem? As we age our bodies change...

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Certified Pedorthist Demon Thompson explains the importance of custom orthotics and their benefits.

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A stress fracture is what most people know as a "hair-line fracture".  It is a small crack in the bone due to repeated stress.  When you are seen by a foot specialist for a stress fracture it may not be visible on x-ray at the initial visit.  It can show up on x-ray about two weeks...
Do you have heel pain? Does your foot ache in the arch in the morning when you take that first step or when you have been on your feet all day?

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Many individuals have never gone to visit a podiatrist or neglect to think that their feet should be check just like their teeth. When some people finally decide to see a foot & ankle specialists, they notice had they went a long time ago, possible issues could have been caught and treated in the early stages....

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Gout is a complex form of Arthritis that occurs when urate crystals build up in the joints causing an acute intense pain with associated redness, swelling and tenderness around the joint. The pain can come without warning and usually happens at night and can be so intense that even walking may seem impossible. Urate crystals form...
Diabetics Urged to take Simple Precautions to Help Save Their Feet Taking a minute or two everyday to inspect your feet and observing a few simple rules can make the difference in sparing diabetes patients from a preventable outcome of the disease- a foot amputation. Of all diabetes-related complications, a serious foot ulcer and subsequent amputation might be the most preventable with proper care and vigilance in...
Have you begun to notice that your belly isn’t the only thing getting bigger and bigger as your pregnancy progresses? Have you noticed swelling in your feet? As if you didn’t have anything else to worry about right? Remember your feet are susceptible to swelling during pregnancy. Why you ask? Well it has to do...

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Do you live in a large city were you are walking a long distance to get to work? Are you on your feet walking the majority of the day? Well, are you wearing the proper type of shoes for the type of walking that you are enduring? Even if you are going out to run some...

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