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Get Your Toes Ready for Summer!   Summer is here, and people are getting outside to enjoy all the outdoor activities this season offers. Every year, one big problem is toenail fungus. People tend to walk about barefoot during summer. Many walk on damp grounds around the pool, locker room, or beach. Some simply have sweaty feet. Don’t worry! Dr. Robitaille is here to...

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Take the Pressure Off of Your Hammertoes A number of conditions can affect the feet. Ask anyone, and they can probably name one or two foot problems they are itching to just say out loud. One of these problems is hammertoe.     Hammertoe is a condition where joints of the second, third, fourth, or fifth toe gets bent due to constant pressure. This...

Posted by on in Common Foot Disorders
Ouch!!! “My toes hurt when I wear dress or high heeled shoes.” This is one of the most common complaints heard in our office, and if you fit this description the diagnosis is most likely a hammertoe. A hammertoe is a permanent curvature or bend to the joints of the toes, most commonly seen in the second,...

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Vitoria Beckham also known as Posh from the 90's female pop group Spice Girls, suffers from serious bunion problems. Her celebrity profile is known for religiously wearing very high heels. Beckham should want to consider the hour long procedure to straighten her big toe and joint. This can also take several months to recover from.Bunions are...

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