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Pain Isn't Professional   Bear with me today: the following is something I feel strongly about, and while it relates heavily to podiatry (and shoe gear in particular) it was written more to discuss the strange state of current women's fashion, and why we ladies insist on harming ourselves with our shoes. We've gotten it into our heads that...
How Do I Stop Bunions from Coming Back!?            When a patient elects to surgically correct a bunion deformity, both the physician and the patient invest so much time and energy. In addition to performing the bunion correction, the physician analyzes angular deformity and chooses from multiple different surgical procedure options to fit the patient and the patient’s expectations. Moreover, the patient makes...

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Do Pointy Shoes Cause Bunions? Bunion myths. There are a boat load of them out there, and today I’d like to dispel one in particular. The Myth: Bunions are caused by wearing pointy shoes. The Truth: as one of my mentors used to say, all you did was select the wrong Mom and Dad. This is a cute way of...

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Dr. Kristian Jeffress loves fashionable shoes, but knows they can be a minefield of problems for your feet. Learn how to successfully navigate the front lines of fashion in heels that don't destroy your feet.

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