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3 Tips to Take Care of Your Toenails When it comes down to it, we often forget about our toenails. Day in and day out, our toenails our subjected to our poor shoe choices and hygiene practices. Toenails can get torn, squished, stubbed, ingrown, infected with bacteria or fungus… the list goes on! Because our toenails don’t often get the recognition they deserve, we’re...

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Power Drilling Your Toenails? I've seen a lot of sketchy DIY articles online over the years relating to self-administered health care, but I stumbled on one this morning that really scared me. The topic was black nails--the kind you get secondary to trauma, from a hematoma (blood blister) that builds up under the nail. It can cause pressure, and...

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Sterile Pedicure Spa Checklist It’s that time of year again…yep that’s right, time to pull out the glass slippers of the South; the much loved Flip Flop. What goes along with the ole slippers?  Pretty toes of course! But wait! Don't just run off to the corner Pedi-Palace! It's important to make your you get a sterile pedicure, other wise...

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I know you've seen it on TV. The self proclaimed cure for all of your foot callous needs. The PedEgg has advised itself as the ground breaking foot file that will make your feet feel smooth and soft. It has precision micro files that are thought to remove all hyperkeratotic skin with ease, However, remember not...
Ingrown nails can be caused by incorrect nail cutting or an inherited trait that causes the nail to curve and grow into the skin. Not only is it painful, but it can also result in infection. Unfortunately, the most common treatments for ingrown nails do not correct the shape of the nail and the problem nearly...

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