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Vicks Vapo-What?? My mother is consistently one who loves a “catch all”. From using Robitussin as a cough aid, allergy medication, “hot toddy” additive and hair growth serum, she loves to use one thing for ALL things. Coconut oil for dry skin, scalp dryness, sunscreen, cholesterol.  The list is infinite.  I have found that my patients are very...
Medical Myth Buster: Green Alcohol for Foot Pain!? In the last few months I have had a rash of patients come in to the office describing the usage of green alcohol for just about every foot ailment under the sun. Patients have attempted using this product for the relief of pain from ingrown nails, ankle sprains, bunions and pretty much anything else you could...

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Medical Myth Buster: Onion in the Sock The internet has become a valuable resource for medical information for patients. There are several reputable web sites managed by doctors and other medical specialists, such as Webmd, that provide patients with free access to information about a wide variety of medical conditions. The internet can unfortunately also be a source of potentially harmful misinformation and...
The Mis-Education of Dr. Jeffress Volume I: CLO-WHITE Ant bites are a common occurrence at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Specialists in Statesboro. Today, I had the pleasure of treating a lovely, spirited female patient. She was approximately 75 years of age with the most pleasant demeanor. I noticed that there were multiple ant bite pustules located on the top of both feet. Before I...
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Medical Myth Buster - Vaseline is Good for The Feet    One of the most common questions from patients we deal with on an everyday basis is "What's good to put on my dry feet?" Many patients swear that rubbing vaseline on their feet is the best option. Vaseline was created to be a skin protectant. This means it was designed  to protect skin in areas...

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Medical Mythbusting 101: The Broken Toe We have all probably encountered the scenario where a friend or family member stubs a toe and falls to the ground crying in pain. As that poor soul is writhing in pain, someone in the room passes on that old piece of wisdom, "Well, you can't do anything for a broken toe anyways."  This common...
Learn about the mystical leg healing properties of the potato... or complete lack thereof.
"The best thing I've found to help heal my wound is letting my dog lick it!" What!?

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