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The Do's and Don'ts of Shoe Shopping I remember nostalgically how I loved to go to the local “Shoe Show” before the beginning of each school year as it was time for me to pick out my new shoes!!  Yay! The excitement within me was palpable. I would run through the aisles looking at all of the shoes hearing each delicate pair whisper...
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The Podiatrists New Shoes My ten mile training walk this weekend was fantastic, and owed in no small part to the wonderful shoe fitting I had this week, and the recommendations that led me to choose a brand I'd never tried before. Since I wanted these shoes for both running and walking--and long distance use--I had to look a...

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How to Make the Best Shoe Comfortable A lot of my patients complain about their shoes being too heavy, and causing pain across the top of their arch. When I recommend a solid, supportive athletic shoe, they claim they can't wear them because of the discomfort they cause. Most of these people have a decently high arch with a bony bump on...

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Do Pointy Shoes Cause Bunions? Bunion myths. There are a boat load of them out there, and today I’d like to dispel one in particular. The Myth: Bunions are caused by wearing pointy shoes. The Truth: as one of my mentors used to say, all you did was select the wrong Mom and Dad. This is a cute way of...

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Which Orthotic Is Right For You?         Your feet are your foundation for everything you do in life. After years of walking, exercising, standing, and even doing damage to your feet you need some sort of support to fix the underlying issues your feet are dealing with. Orthotics are a device that slip into your shoes that fix...

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Cycling Orthotics Cycling orthotics, one of the most important pieces of cycling equipment, often go overlooked. Selecting a bicycle that meets your specific needs is an important step in cycling. However, proper cycling shoes are one of the most important pieces of cycling equipment that often go overlooked. Cycling shoes must be stable to efficiently transfer power from...

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