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The Best Way to Trim Your Toenails Did you just poke a hole in someone with those sharp, talon-like toenails? They’re probably getting a little too long, aren’t they? Well, now is the perfect time for a little personal grooming!Trimming your toenails may seem like a simple task, but it’s not something that should be done carelessly. Most of us may not need...

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Break Out from Ingrown Toenails             I've lost count how many times I accidentally stubbed my toe against something that’s fairly easy to spot, especially during running. Perhaps it’s my innate klutz, but sometimes I think I just have the worst luck. I resolved myself into getting used to the occasional bumps, and I was doing pretty well, until one time...

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Pedi-Care Tips For Summer   Summer’s always all sorts of fun; beaches, bonfires, and endless sunbathing and long walks! We have to admit, it feels good to leave the shoes at home and run our toes in the sand instead, dawdle in the water and cool down from the crisp summer heat.     It’s that time of the year...

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You Hurt Your Big Toenail, Now What? How long does it take for a nail to grow out? Common question, but I'm afraid I can't give you an exact answer. Nails grow approximately 1mm a month, but they can grow faster or slower, depending on the overall health of the patient, trauma, or fungus. At one point in my youth I wanted...

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Power Drilling Your Toenails? I've seen a lot of sketchy DIY articles online over the years relating to self-administered health care, but I stumbled on one this morning that really scared me. The topic was black nails--the kind you get secondary to trauma, from a hematoma (blood blister) that builds up under the nail. It can cause pressure, and...

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New Laser Nail Treatment Lookout Savannah, Atlantic Foot & Ankle Specialists has done it again! In our quest to continually utilize the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology, we are proud to intro0duce the Q-Clear Laser Nail Treatment. This laser is a great option for those suffering from several foot problems, primarily fungal toenails, also know as Ugly Nail...

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Simple Tips for Summer Feet
With the beach, family vacations, camping and amusement parks there is plenty of fun to be had in the summer time. With this increase in activity it can be quite trying on your feet. No need to fear, there are some simple tips to help keep your feet happy and healthy all summer long.
Toenails turning black? Have your toenails changed color? Are you asking yourself "Why are my toenails turning black ?" Have you noticed a black, purple, or brownish tint in one or more toes? If so, don’t fret, there are many reasons why nails change color, and you are about to get all the facts! Trauma...
Emmanuel Burris of the San Francisco Giant's was concerned when he felt pain in his foot after hitting a double in a spring training game this Wednesday. His surgically-repaired foot may possibly setback the 25 year old's chances of cracking San Francisco's Opening Day Roster. Giant's manager Bruce Bochy stated, "he was very discouraged." Like Burris,...

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