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Vicks Vapo-What?? My mother is consistently one who loves a “catch all”. From using Robitussin as a cough aid, allergy medication, “hot toddy” additive and hair growth serum, she loves to use one thing for ALL things. Coconut oil for dry skin, scalp dryness, sunscreen, cholesterol.  The list is infinite.  I have found that my patients are very...

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What Does Pigeon Toed Mean? If your child is frequently tripping and his toes are pointing inward, he might have a foot type referred to as metatarsus adductus.  This type of foot anomaly commonly gives rise to a pigeon-toed appearance. By definition, the bones of the forefoot turn inward with this foot type. Metatarsus adductus is one of the most common...
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Webbed Toes     If you’re having trouble dealing with webbed toes, there’s no need to worry. If Ashton Kutcher can live with it, so can you.    Webbed toes, or syndactyly, is the occurrence of two or more fused digits of the hands or feet. Boston Children’s Hospital records that 1 in every 2,500 babies are born with this...

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Take the Pressure Off of Your Hammertoes A number of conditions can affect the feet. Ask anyone, and they can probably name one or two foot problems they are itching to just say out loud. One of these problems is hammertoe.     Hammertoe is a condition where joints of the second, third, fourth, or fifth toe gets bent due to constant pressure. This...

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Medical Mythbusting 101: The Broken Toe We have all probably encountered the scenario where a friend or family member stubs a toe and falls to the ground crying in pain. As that poor soul is writhing in pain, someone in the room passes on that old piece of wisdom, "Well, you can't do anything for a broken toe anyways."  This common...

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Suffering from Athletes Foot?     Athletes foot is a common problem caused by a fungus infection of the skin. The name tends to be a source of confusion, it's not just athletes and weekend warriors who get athletes foot. The foot is at high risk for fungus infections; wearing socks and shoes tends to create a dark, moist, warm environment...

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Ouch!!! “My toes hurt when I wear dress or high heeled shoes.” This is one of the most common complaints heard in our office, and if you fit this description the diagnosis is most likely a hammertoe. A hammertoe is a permanent curvature or bend to the joints of the toes, most commonly seen in the second,...

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Fire Ant Bites and Your Feet We live where fire ants live, or what Kenny Loggins would refer to as the "Danger Zone". Fire Ant Frustrations We live in the South, so it's happened to us all. We are out at a barbeque, picnic, gardening, etc. and all of a sudden, ouch! Fire ants! You didn't even notice you've been standing on...

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Ingrown Nail Myths Busted A Painful Ingrown Nail Myth: Putting cotton under your ingrown toe nails will relieve the pain. BUSTED! Placing cotton under your toenails will actually cause more pressure to the nail bed. It is also dangerous because the cotton may be housing bacteria that can lead to infection and more complications.   Myth: The drug store sells...

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So it looks as though Serena Williams fell prey to a mishap in a restaurant that ultimately led to her suffering a toe injury (here's the article on ESPN). From what was described, it looks as if she had an Extensor Hallucis Longus laceration from stepping on glass. The Extensor Hallucis Longus is a thin...

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