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Pain Isn't Professional   Bear with me today: the following is something I feel strongly about, and while it relates heavily to podiatry (and shoe gear in particular) it was written more to discuss the strange state of current women's fashion, and why we ladies insist on harming ourselves with our shoes. We've gotten it into our heads that...

Posted by on in Shoes
Dr. Kristian Jeffress loves fashionable shoes, but knows they can be a minefield of problems for your feet. Learn how to successfully navigate the front lines of fashion in heels that don't destroy your feet.
Women all around the world love, love, love their high heel shoes. In the media there are reminders of new fashionable trends in footwear. What do you know- your favorite celebrity just wouldn't happen to be performing the most difficult choreography in the flashiest Ferragamo 6 inch stilettos... Wow, now that's how I want to look...

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