Vicks Vapo-What??

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My mother is consistently one who loves a “catch all”. From using Robitussin as a cough aid, allergy medication, “hot toddy” additive and hair growth serum, she loves to use one thing for ALL things. Coconut oil for dry skin, scalp dryness, sunscreen, cholesterol.  The list is infinite.  I have found that my patients are very similar to my mother and that is why I love them. 

Mr. Smith:    “Doc! Remember how my toes used to look?”

Me:        “Sure sir. They were a little bit thicker than they are now.”
Mr. Smith:    “Yeah! But it’s better now! Guess what I used?”
Me:        “What did you use, Mr. Smith?”
Mr. Smith:    “Vick’s VapoRub! And it’s the best thing I’ve ever used!”

This is why I must speak on the Vicks VapoRub as a panacea. One of the most commonly heard of used remedies for toenail fungus is Vick’s VapoRub.  I have heard numerous patients , such as Mr. Smith, state that they “used” to have a toenail fungus but that it was cured using Vick’s.  I am here today to say that there is actually no medical indication for Vick’s VapoRub as a curative for toenail fungus.  One may say, “ So Doc, explain then how is it that my nails were thick  and now they aren’t after using Vick’s?”  The most logical scientific explanation is that by using the Vick’s on the nail, it changes the environment that the fungus is used to, thus causing it to die off or decrease proliferation or thickness.

So in short, Vick’s as a chest rub? Yes. Vick’s as Fungicidal? Not so much.  But feel free to give it a whirl as there are no actual contraindications to its usage on the nail either. If this does not work for you after months of laborious application, please see your Podiatrist to discuss our options. You may be surprised as to what may help you!


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