Victoria Beckham's Bunion Problem

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Vitoria Beckham also known as Posh from the 90's female pop group Spice Girls, suffers from serious bunion problems. Her celebrity profile is known for religiously wearing very high heels. Beckham should want to consider the hour long procedure to straighten her big toe and joint. This can also take several months to recover from.

Bunions are not only unsightly, but they can cause arthritis in the toes and make it difficult to walk. Bunions change the shape of the foot and causes pain. Developing bunions are usually the result of incorrect foot mechanics such as a foot that flattens too much, joint damage and arthritis of the genetic disposition. Wearing poorly fitted shoes and high heels will make the problem worst. The bunion is usually on the big toe near the joint where the toe meets the foot. There are two types of bunions, positional and structural- bunions are usually a combination of the two. Positional is the mild form. Structural bunions are a result of a pronounced angle between the first and second toe bones, causing the big toe to slant toward the others.

Treatment depends on the severity of the bunion. If you think that you are developing a bunion, call (912)355-4557 and we can use the proper procedure to make sure that the problem is resolved or does not get any worse. Also visit our website to learn more about bunions.

Melissa F. Robitaille, DPM
Medicine, Surgery and Injuries of the Foot, Ankle and Leg for Adults and Children


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