As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and the colder winter weather approaches, its important to keep good foot health in mind. Some simple tips can help keep you active through the winter and in to the new year.

  Supportive shoegear is a must when fighting through crowds at the stores. Leave the heels at home and consider wearing good structured tennis shoes(i.e New Balance) if you plan on spending an extended period of time on your feet in the mall. The stress you save on your feet may help keep you out of pain. Calf muscle stretches before long periods of activity can also be helpful.

  It is especially important to try to keep your feet warm and dry at this time of year. If poor weather is in the forecast, make certain to wear waterproof shoegear. Excessive moisture can lead to skin irritation and encourage growth of certain bacteria and fungus. Consider using a drying agent on your feet, such as Goldbaum powder, before putting your feet in shoes for a long day of walking.

  Diabetics and those patients with poor circulation should pay special attention to keeping the feet warm and avoiding prolonged exposure to cold. Thick cotton or wool socks can be helpful. The heels and balls of the feet are highly susceptible to dry, cracked skin in the winter months. A good moisturizing cream, such as eucerin or lubriderm, applied to the feet in the evening after you take your shoes off can help prevent this painful condition.